Inther Group develops, constructs, and maintains complete and hybrid and innovative intralogistics system solutions for the pharma/healthcare industry. We understand your needs and concerns, f.i. with having to deal with delicate products, elaborate documentation and zero-tolerance for mistakes. Additionally, complex requirements like availability issues, decreasing stocks, more frequent deliveries in smaller quantities and ever-increasing expectations from customers (like more rapid deliveries despite seasonal peaks), create extremely demanding intralogistics situations for manufacturers/distributors within pharma/healthcare. Inther Group has successfully taken away these concerns for many pharmaceutical companies in the past with its dedicated product range and software, extensive knowledge and experience, and flexible and personal approach.


  • Professional advice
  • Detailed analyses for optimised solutions
  • Dedicated products for pharma industry
  • Better ROI
  • Pleasant and personal cooperation
  • Technical life-time SLA for continuous optimisation


The Inther A-Frame is a fully automatic solution for quickly processing complex orders, guaranteeing the highest possible productivity and an optimal material flow, even at peak loads. This proven technology is especially suitable for pharmaceutical distribution. The A-Frame from Inther is distinctive by its high level of flexibility. The product channels are adjustable so that two columns of smaller packages can fit in one dispenser. Intelligent ejectors ensure a fully automatic, safe and error free processing of products. A sensor calculates the height and number of articles in the column, with the addition of a measured ‘indentation percentage’. This additional quality check monitors the status of the items and ensures that the warehouse staff are properly and optimally replenishing the A-Frame when needed, and that the number of processing errors remains low and the output increases.

Central Filling

Processing at patient or prescription level
100% controlled processes
Integrated FMD dispensing

Central Filling is a hybrid process that allows orders to be fulfilled at the patient or prescription level. This process is particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, because orders no longer have to be put together at the pharmacy. In addition, Central Filling provides extra accuracy through a 100% control and contributes to efficiency through the integrated FMD dispensing.

The process of Central Filling starts with forwarding and merging the prescriptions through the host system to Inther LC. Picks are then carried out in different picking areas (e.g. A-Frame, carousel). After that, order processing is started at patient or prescription level at the Central Filling workstations. The operator first scans the tote in which the patient orders are collected, followed by scanning each individual article.

Everything packed in one transport unit

A patient label is then printed for each article and applied to the article. The articles are distributed at patient or prescription level to the locations with illuminated LED strips indicating their proper destination. Sensors validate that the article has actually been placed in the correct location. When all articles have been distributed, the transport units (e.g. bags, boxes) are taken out one by one and the patient label is printed and applied to the front of this unit. These are then placed back in the source tote which will then go to the shipping area and sent to, for example, pharmacies.

Inther FMD

As of 2019, every package of a prescription medicine in Europe must have a unique barcode that is recorded in a central European database. Inther Group has developed a software solution for FMD.


FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) is a European directive to prevent counterfeit medicines from ending up in the legal distribution chain and ultimately ending up in the hands of patients. Individual medicines need to be verified using this central database.

Installed in local network with support for HTTPS
Asynchronous NMVS communication with offline transaction buffering
Secure API for integration with Inther LC or other WMS or ERP systems
Secure Active Directory support for user authentication
Supports Arvato Systems NMVS and SolidSoft Reply NMVS
User role management per NMVS entity and workstation

The Inther FMD application supports processes required for a successful FMD integration. The most important functions are verifying and dispensing individual medicines in a central European database. In this web based solution, GS1 barcodes can be scanned and transferred to the NMVS database with the chosen action.

  • Easy to use medicine scanning dialog with reference tracking
  • Easy management of NMVS entities
  • Easy export of data in .CSV format
  • Audit of each NMVS action stored for 7 years

Pharma references/case studies


Uniphar project video
Central Filling

relevant Downloads

Inther A-Frame brochure (8 MB)

Quick processing of complex pharma orders

Inther FMD brochure (4 MB)

Solution for Falsified Medicines Directive

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