Full Service unburdening

At Inther Group, we continue to work with you throughout the life cycle of the system.  It’s all about maximizing the reliability, uptime and profit of your investment! Service and support are one of the distinctive features of Inther Group. Our service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Direct support from qualified service personnel ensures optimal support and the maximum availability of your system.

Customer journey

The commissioning of a system is the start of a long journey for Inther Service. A journey that we start together in the form of a partnership. We don’t like to talk in terms of customer and supplier, we talk in terms of partners. When your business changes, we proactively take the initiative to work with you to adapt the system to new needs. Reliability and flexibility are key factors in this.


Service Level Agreements (SLA)

We can tailor our level of service and support entirely to your requirements in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In this SLA we outline all aspects about support, response times, on-site warranty, preventive maintenance and inspections.


24/7 service and support: direct contact with ITIL qualified service employees
Professional spare parts management
Guaranteed response times
Onsite warranty
Tailored maintenance and inspection
Qualified resident engineering
Preventive maintenance and inspection

Inther Group can offer a tailor-made maintenance plan based on your needs. This can range from remote support to on-site training complete with visual inspections with system recommendations. We can also partner with you to offer residential engineering, meaning the on-site engineering department will be permanently staffed by Inther Group experts.

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