Our drive

We are Inther Group. We ensure that your orders are shipped quickly and without errors.


We unburden our customers/prospects and have the in-house knowledge to deliver tailor-made solutions, in order to meet the core of our customers' wishes: increasing productivity, whereby we can avoid almost all risks. To achieve this, we not only provide proven technology, but also (where necessary) offer flexibility in both hardware and software and the deployment of our employees. This means that we also offer our customers an after-sales program that ensures that the implementation of hardware/software goes according to plan.


Inther Group offers best in class sustainable intralogistics solutions in fine-meshed distribution worldwide.


We are worldwide known to relevant target groups and companies with a fine-meshed distribution as one of the most renowned intralogistics automation companies, that is able to realize an increase in productivity in collaboration with customers​.

core values

  • Solid
  • Thought through
  • United
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Outgoing


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