Spare parts

Spare parts contribute to a high availability degree of the system. Unplanned system downtime is costly and must be avoided at all times. Even worse is when your system comes down and remains that way, due to lack of necessary spare parts. Even the smallest part missing could cost huge amounts of revenue and image damage. With today’s supply chain uncertainties worldwide, a nightmare that is not unthinkable! Luckily Inther Group takes care of your spare parts availability and needs for a complete unburdening.

Initial spare parts package

Inther provides you with a recommended initial spare parts package in which each spare part is foreseen with a clever risk classification based on the investment level, failure rate and expected delivery time. After all, the onsite guarantee can only be guaranteed when spare parts are available onsite. 



Spare parts replenishment

Naturally you will remain responsible for your spare parts inventory management and for replenishing used spare parts (whether by your own service engineer or a service engineer from Inther). For comfortable and easy spare parts replenishments, just use our user-friendly customer portal in which you can also report incidents. Inther will thereupon make you an attractive offer for your spare parts replenishment request.

Maximized system uptime
Always the correct parts
Less handling costs
Profit from cost advantages
Also for spare part warehouse & workshop
Complete - from parts to tools, equipment and PPE gear
Easy replenishment process via customer portal
Clever classification reduces your risks
Spare parts warehouse and workshop

Should you also want to outsource the purchase and installation of your complete spare parts warehouse and/or workshop, Inther is happy to make you an offer on that and take care of execution. Inther Group can provide all required tools and equipment for your spare parts warehouse and workshop - even all racking, workbenches, cabinets, PPE, ladders, tool sets and more!

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