Remote support

Whenever your own technical staff (trained and supported by OEM documentation provided for by Inther) are unable to resolve an incident at your location, there is always 24/7 instant support by first-line, ITIL qualified engineers at the Inther Service Desk available to help you out.

Supported by guaranteed response times as agreed upon in your SLA, you are assured of the following methods of assistance:

  1. ITIL-Logo.jpgDirect incident handling by phone by our experienced 1st line engineers (no between operators)
  2. Login into the system for remote support – research shows by then, 99% of all incidents have been resolved for maximized uptime of your system!
  3. Arrange on-site support in case of mechanical failures.
24/7 service and support
Maximized system uptime
Direct qualified contact with 1st line engineers
Guaranteed response times

All incidents that arise in the ILC software, PLC software and database are covered by your SLA with guaranteed response and reaction times from Inther dependent on incident priority. All incidents can be reported through our user-friendly customer portal. Our customer portal supports English, as well as German and Dutch.

Do you have questions about lifetime support?

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