Increasingly stringent demands are constantly being placed on intralogistics. The breadth and diversity in the number of stock keeping units (SKUs) continues to grow. The demand for return handling and value added services (VAS) is increasing and well-trained and motivated personnel are becoming scarce. You can overcome these problems with the use of partially or fully automated systems and installations.

When it comes to warehouse automation, almost anything is possible today, but the benefits are often outweighed by the impending loss of flexibility. Therefore, to optimize the flow of goods through different processes in the warehouse, there must always be a balance between flexibility and automation.

Inther’s unique position as a solution-independent system integrator provides us with industry-wide insights into the strengths and possible weaknesses of the various ‘building blocks’ available on the market. With our project experience, we understand which components are required to meet certain requirements. Thanks to these valuable technical and functional insights, we help the customer to select the most suitable solution.

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1402 2024
Meet Inther Group live at LogiMAT 2024 and bring your intralogistics ambitions to life!

The most thrilling time of the year is fast approaching with the biggest annual intralogistics exhibition in Europe less...

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2311 2023
Inther Group present again with a booth at the LogiMAT 2024

It still takes some time, but preparations are already in full swing: Inther will again be present at the upcoming LogiM...

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203 2023
Inther Group presents GRIPP live for the first time at LogiMAT 2023

At this year’s upcoming LogiMAT, Europe’s largest logistics trade fair, Inther will show the GRIPP live to the general p...

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