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Real-time status updates and feedback from the various systems and areas in your warehouse are crucial for a successful daily operation. Given the increasing competition, the ever-shorter lead times, the growth in e-commerce and the continuing pressure on costs, the need for extensive and flexible warehouse management and information systems is greater than ever. Inther Group helps you meet these challenges by integrating the hardware and system controls with flexible and modular software.

As a system integrator, Inther Group facilitates optimal warehouse processes by implementing warehouse automation and/or mechanization. Our highly flexible Inther LC software suite is the soul of every solution. This software provides you with the powerful combination of sector-specific warehouse control and warehouse management functionality.

Thanks to its modular set-up, our 100% home-grown software is a flexible and brand-independent platform supporting all hardware. It fully integrates all warehouse functions, from receiving to shipping. Already in use in numerous warehouses throughout the world, Inther LC is the result of over 25 years of R&D and customer feedback. As a further advantage, Inther LC supports everything from basic manual operations to highly dynamic systems, thus continuing to meet your needs throughout your transitional growth.

The Inther LC Warehouse Management System (WMS) can operate either as a robust stand-alone WMS or can be flexibly tailored as middleware for seamless integration with a host ERP or an existing WMS. The Inther LC Warehouse Management System is a suitable solution for completely new warehousing operations (greenfield projects), but is also ideal in redesign your existing warehouse processes through a business process reengineering (BPR) project.

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