Daily thousands of orders in variable sizes and with tens of thousands order picking lines, fast movers, slow movers, odd-shaped products, and seasonal effects in a time of ever-increasing demands (like shorter delivery times in smaller quantities) and growing online shopping (and returned articles)… You could be dazzled in finding an optimal intralogistics warehouse solution that also on the long run delivers a positive customer experience. But that is just what Inther Group can support you with!

In the face of rising operational costs due to personnel shortages, rising real estate prices, higher energy costs and necessary investments, it is no wonder, that today’s warehouses increasingly face tensions and reach their limits way sooner than calculated.  Luckily Inther has several intelligent solutions for a long-term efficient warehouse, including flexible and modular automated hybrid systems and innovative, next generation robot piece picking.


  • Professional advice
  • Detailed analyses for optimised solutions
  • Dedicated products for pharma industry
  • Better ROI
  • Pleasant and personal cooperation
  • Technical life-time SLA for continuous optimisation

Top-level hybrid system integration

Your successful Inther warehouse system solution is guaranteed through a unique and optimal combination of the integrated software technologies with the right data, an optimized combination of hybrid hardware solutions (manual, semi- and fully automated, robotic, single and multi-stage) and experienced, sympathetic, and passionate professionals with innovative and imaginative ideas to design, construct and maintain your multipurpose intralogistics system for both e-commerce and retail combined. Working cleverly, Inther perfectly integrates all requirement for ordering as well as for handling returns, regardless of the complexity of your conditions. Our dedicated life-cycle services ensure that your fit-for-future system continues to fit your needs until the end of its technical lifetime! Decades of experience, knowhow and passion bring you the optimal solution for your business.

GRIPP: FMCG Robot Piece Picking

The GRIPP (Gantry Robotic Intelligent Piece Picker) is a fully automatic, compact picking technology, especially suitable for FMCG. Equipped with an intuitive user interface it can process 24/7 up to 1,200 pieces per hour, saving you huge amounts of labor costs (and hastle). The GRIPP is able to process pieces from one (compartmentalized) storage tote to twelve (compartmentalized) order totes or boxes with the great advantage that presorting can be avoided and that the sequencing of the stock and order totes has more flexibility. Unique to the GRIPP is the use of product weight, length, width and height measurement with a light sensor and AI vision technology, an extremely intelligent and flexible, customizable ‘gripper’ and self-learning ‘adaptive approach angle’ software that, regardless of the shape, picks up and places an item from the correct angle in a controlled, precise and efficient way, preventing damages to the packaging.

FMCG case studies Selection


GRIPP Robotic Piece Picker
GTP Goods to Person
HEMA e-commerce DC
Blokker DC

Relevant downloads

Inther GRIPP brochure (5 MB)

GRIPP Robot Piece Picking

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