Life cycle management

The software and hardware of your intralogistics solution have a specific lifetime. To keep it in good working order, both may need to be upgraded and replaced regularly during the life-cycle. Inther Group supports you with life-cycle planning, that helps you address life-cycle challenges which impact the operational and technical availability of your system.

We analyze the life-cycle status of your Inther Logistics Controls Software, PLC controls, electrical field components and mechanical equipment to define the life-cycle phase of the various system components. Based on this life-cycle analysis a detailed advise including multiyear budget plan is provided.

A lifecycle plan provides:

  • Insides into the life-cycle status of your intralogistics solution;
  • Assessment on the End of Life (EOL) and End of Service Life (EOSL)
  • Advise on extending the life-cycle;
  • Assessment on spare parts availability and Last Order Dates (LOD);
  • Multiyear budget plan.

Life-cycle-analysis.jpgLife cycle analysis


Product-life-cycle.jpgProduct life cycle

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