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Working with a new supplier can be daunting for any organization, whether starting on a completely fresh project or switching hardware provider. Often adjustments to controls and mechanical structures are unavoidable. So then, how can you know that choosing Inther is the right decision? Easy!

We streamline the transition process by offering benefits while minimizing disadvantages and risks. The major driving force behind Inther is our commitment to helping you and your customer solve your business challenges! At the core of Inther, we provide satisfaction that can only be achieved through flawless, multifaceted support.


Technical support

Making use of decades of extensive experience with (large) intralogistics projects, Inther engineers support you by offering sound advice on any of your system and layout proposals. Whether on request or through our own initiative, we always take a proactive approach. We provide enhanced alternatives (how would we do it ourselves?) and address your inquiries. We also ensure that the proposed capabilities meet the end customer's requirements. Our advice is non-binding of course. You still have the final decision, subject to fairness in implementation.

Together, we create a compelling offer to your end customer, as both our reputations are at stake. Collaboration and consultation are key in this. We work together to determine the optimal layout and functional design that satisfies all parties involved. Our engineers collaborate closely to achieve this, which is particularly beneficial to you if your core business expertise lies elsewhere. In such cases, we're here to help you build your intralogistics system knowledge as an integrator partner so that you can tackle more complex projects in the future. After all, your growth in knowledge aligns with our interests: when you succeed, we succeed with you!



Mechanical support

We offer optional assistance with mechanical installation, going beyond a simple order list approach, like others do. An Inther supervisor will be onsite to provide guidance and support during the setup of conveyors and any other Inther equipment, including electrical support. Our supervisor will also share tips and tricks, particularly valuable for new integrator partners to ensure a smooth transition.



We can provide PLC/Control support every step of the way or take full responsibility, depending on your preferences. We offer workshops and support services, and can step in to help in case of staff shortages on your end. Our Inther team in Moldova is available to assist you with any controls, after which our engineers can do the onsite testing.


Training & Education

Our comprehensive support includes knowledge transfer through training and workshops for your staff, ensuring a seamless integration. We provide workshops on Inther design rules, controls, and service shadowing, incorporating valuable feedback from previous participants and integrator partners.

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