System integration

Inther Group supplies fully integrated logistics solutions. As soon as the logistics concept has been established in the design phase, we immediately start with the realization of the project and the total system implementation.

Integration of systems

Extensive system integration requires consistent choices at every control level. From reliable mechanics to a stable connection to host systems. By fully integrating our solutions on different system layers, we offer you real-time insight into your warehouse processes. Inther Group supplies the following parts for the storage, picking, sorting and packing of goods:

Total project management
Integration through our own software
Dedicated and experienced project management
Reliability and flexibility
Thorough quantitative analysis
Total project management

Inther Group takes care of the total project management. When implementing automation solutions, we use modules from the Inther LC library. This library contains modules in the fields of Material Flow Control, Pick to Light and Zone Picking, to name a few. A team of experienced project managers is ready to handle your project from start to finish. This includes on-site testing of the integrated systems, training of your employees and go-live support. We will not leave until you are satisfied.


Rapid implementation and integration

Reliability and flexibility are characteristic features of Inther Group as a system integrator. Our systems are quickly implemented, integrated and have a proven short payback period.



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