Integration scenarios

Based on our extensive experience in designing and implementing successful warehouse automation systems, we know better than anyone that each customer has a unique combination of host systems, IT architecture, business processes and intralogistics systems. As a result, there is an undisputed need for flexible warehouse software and integration. Thanks to its modular construction, the Inther LC software suite can be easily adapted to any customer-specific integration scenario with exactly the right functionality. This gives you a robust foundation for all warehouse processes, both now and in the future.

Inther Group supports you in selecting the optimal integration scenario, always keeping the ultimate goal in mind: the operation in the warehouse. The Inther LC software suite can be directly linked to any ERP system and supports all WMS functionalities, from goods receipt to dispatch. Our software suite can also operate under any other WMS, with Inther LC acting as a Warehouse Control System.


In the current digital age, information exchange and interaction between system is more important than ever before. Software systems for controlling the warehouse are no exception. Interfaces with host systems are necessary to receive the correct information about orders, items and much more.

Extremely flexible
Modular architecture
Fully customizable
Link with host systems

With its modular construction, Inther LC is suitable for coupling with a large number of other software systems. Whether you work with ERP systems from SAP, Oracle or Microsoft or warehouse management systems (WMS) from Manhattan Associates, Redprairie or JD Edwards: Inther LC always has an interface.

When designing a new interface, we first prepare a document with the specifications of the interface. It describes exactly which information is sent back and forth, what happens in exceptional cases, when data or files have to be exchanged and which protocol is used for this.

Different interface standards

Inther LC supports various interface standards: web services (SOAP/REST/XML/JSON), socket TCP/IP, CSV, FTP, etc. Inther LC makes it possible to synchronize different systems in real time or in batches. Both single-step and double-step mounting is possible.



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