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Boston Scientific


With offices in more than 100 countries, Boston Scientific is committed to changing lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.

At the distribution center in Kerkrade (NL), Boston Scientific began automating its DC in 2013. The aim of the manufacturer and distributor of medical products is: ‘touchless distribution’. The implementation of Inther Group’s Automated Document Applicator (ADA) is an important part of this.



ROI <1 year

Jack Frijns: "We are in an operation in which we have to ship every order at the end of the day. Failure is not an option here, because tomorrow there will be a patient on the operating table who needs medical devices. In that respect, high stability is required and the Automated Document Applicator can provide this. This solution is fully integrated inline into the total conveyor system in our DC in Kerkrade." Meanwhile, Boston Scientifi c has purchased a second Automated Document Applicator. With these two machines, Boston Scientifi c is prepared for the future (and expected growth).


Placing and confi rming documentation on shipping boxes manually is a time consuming process. Automating this logistics process can be very benefi cial for an organization. With the Automated Document Applicator, the Return On Investment is extremely attractive and the ADA can be recouped within 6 months.

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