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Cubiscan is a measuring and weighing system that allows you to read and register the dimensions and weight of your products quickly, easily and accurately, even when irregularly shaped. The Cubiscan creates reliable and immediate product master data for your organization.

Available immediately in WMS

Your data is immediately available after measurement by the Cubiscan to be forwarded to your Warehouse Management System. With the right dimensions and weight, the choice of packaging becomes a lot easier. Managing correct master data will also ensure better slotting in your warehouse.

Various versions incl. mobile

Various versions of the Cubiscan are available. Depending on the type, the Cubiscan can dimension regular and/or irregular products by using ultrasonic or infrared technology. The Cubiscan can also be equipped with a mobile cart (Cubicart) so that you can easily determine the dimensions of your products on location. You walk effortlessly with the Cubiscan through the aisles of your warehouse.

High accuracy up to 0.002 kg and 0.1 cm
High operating speed as fast as <2 sec.
Available immediately in your ERP/WMS system
Solution for every logistical issue
Possibilities for nesting, stacking and compressing
Ultrafast ROI

Which Cubiscan do I need?

Regularly shaped products Irregularly shaped products Pallet dimensioning

Why do I need a Cubiscan?

Cubiscan is an innovative technological device used for dimensional weighing and measuring of your regular and irregular SKUs on stock. There are many advantages of using a Cubiscan system:

Cubiscan systems provide highly accurate dimensional data for objects, even when they are irregularly shaped. When it comes to weight measuring, accuracy is up to 0.002 kg - and its dimensions measuring accuracy is up to 0.1 cm! This accuracy is crucial for various applications such as shipping, storage optimization, and logistics planning.

Accurate dimensional data is immensely valuable for inventory management. Cubiscan systems efficiently measure the dimensions of items, taking into account length, width, and height, and its weight. By providing accurate measurements of products, Cubiscan technology assists in optimizing warehouse space. It helps in determining the quantity of products that can be stored in a given space, facilitating better control over stock levels and replenishment strategies. This is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with a diverse range of products that require efficient storage solutions.

In the e-commerce sector, where accurate shipping costs are crucial for competitiveness, Cubiscan systems contribute to reducing shipping costs by ensuring that (more) accurate dimensional weight is used for shipping rate/costs calculations. This is especially relevant in the context of carriers charging based on the larger of the actual weight or dimensional weight. It also helps prevent unexpected shipping costs due to discrepancies between estimated and actual weights and dimensions. Many carriers and logistics providers have specific dimensional weight rules. Using a Cubiscan system helps businesses comply with these regulations, avoiding discrepancies and potential penalties.

Traditional methods of manually measuring and weighing items are time-consuming and prone to errors. Cubiscan systems automate the process, saving time and increasing efficiency in logistics and warehouse management.

Accurate dimensional data obtained through Cubiscan systems helps in reducing the likelihood of returns due to size discrepancies. This, in turn, minimizes customer disputes and contributes to a positive customer experience.

In summary, the advantages of using a Cubiscan system include improved accuracy in dimensional measurements, time savings, enhanced efficiency in logistics and warehouse management, and cost reductions in shipping and storage. It is Cubiscan time, now...!


Cubiscan 100
Cubiscan 100 tutorial
Cubiscan 110
Cubiscan 325
Cubiscan 325
Cubiscan 325 for apparel
Cubiscan S9
Cubiscan S9
Cubiscan 1200 AKL

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