From the past to the present: Pick to Light/Put to Light

25 January 2023

Pick to Light is an order picking system where logistic employees can see directly what needs to be picked per order or how items should be distributed among orders using a display, an illuminated key and a few buttons. We started installing Pick to Light systems at our customers in 1999. And those systems back then looked very different from the systems we install today.

The start of Pick to Light

The very first Pick to Light systems consisted of stainless steel tubes with lasered holes in which picklights were incorporated. At that time, we used experimental PCBs and cabling. The power consumption at that time was much higher than today and the reaction speed could use some improvement. Installation was done on site and was a complicated, time-consuming job. But, it offered a good and innovative solution for that time to make picking orders easier. Employees no longer have to search for the right picking location, making work a lot more efficient.

Complete, user-friendly, and always up to date
Fortunately, the Inther Pick to Light has undergone many developments in the meantime. Nowadays the picklights are completely modular. We also work with standard cabling and the response times can be measured in milliseconds. We can now also replace and configure the picklights remotely in the event of any malfunctions, thus minimizing down-time. As a result, you hardly have to worry about them in the logistics process itself. In addition, the systems are much more efficient in terms of power consumption and their user-friendliness has increased enormously compared to the past. Built-in menus, bright multicolor buttons and handy knobs are now among the options, and there is even a variant with only the multicolor button available. Exactly what suits our customer’s needs!

Interested in learning more about Pick to Light? Then check out this page for all the ins and outs.

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