Order accuracy check

The highest possible delivery quality and the lowest possible error rate is an important performance indicator in any warehouse. The goal is to avoid customer complaints and costly returns. The addition of an in-line scale is a simple, yet highly effective solution to detect and correct errors well before the (random) exit check.

Scales in different shapes

Inther Group supplies scales in various forms: in-line or stand-alone, dynamic or static. With static weighing, the weight of a bin or box can only be determined when the box is stationary. In dynamic weighing, the weighing mechanism is built into a roller conveyor, so that goods are automatically weighed without stopping. If desired, this provides extra speed and throughput.

Improved quality
Detect errors easily and effectively
Integration through Inther LC software
Control of weight

By comparing the current weight of a bin or box after the order picking with the theoretical weight, it becomes immediately clear if the contents are not correct. The weight can be checked at the workstation at order line level, but also in the form of a final check of the total order. To compensate for possible weight deviations of empty boxes or bins, weighing control is often combined with a zero measurement at the start of the order picking process. Bins or boxes that exceed the permitted tolerances during weighing control are taken to an error station for further investigation.



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