16 February 2023

HEMA increased the capacity of their e-commerce DC with help of automated order picking systems from Inther Group


In four years, HEMA has increased the capacity of the e-commerce DC from 80,000 to 130,000 picks per day. The solution consists of a largely automated order picking system from Inther Group, including a miniload and shuttle system, supplemented with smart software for optimal distribution of the workload. 

HEMA’s e-commerce DC is currently breaking records. On the day before the interview (in the middle of the second corona wave in 2020, well before Black Friday) the barrier of 120,000 picks per day was broken for the first time. Caspar de Jong and Jeroen Dietz from HEMA are proud of this milestone. “A year ago, this distribution center still had a theoretical capacity of 110,000 picks per day. We are now moving towards 130,000 picks per day”, says De Jong, Director Global Logistics at HEMA. 

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