Physical installation completed at Westfort Meat Products

30 July 2020

The realization of the smartest meat company of Westfort Meat Products has reached the next phase. The physical installation of the total intralogistics has been completed this month, so that testing and preparation of all Inther systems can now be started.

In the past period, Inther Group has started the final phase of the installation and the functional commissioning of the system. PLC Engineers have now started on-site testing and further functional commissioning. At the end of this phase, the Warehouse Control System (WCS) Inther LC will be implemented at Westfort, which will control the entire system including the AS / RS Shuttle. Eventually, the system will process and sort frozen boxes below -18 degrees Celsius.

The installation and construction of the new intralogistics started on-site at the beginning of March 2020. The current location in IJsselstein (NL) will be expanded with a central processing location and integrated freeze and freeze storage with an area of ​​no less than 38,000 m2.

AS/RS Shuttle
An important part of this logistics solution is the AS/RS Shuttle system from Inther Group, where individual frozen boxes are buffered before they are palletized. For the sorting of these pallets, an AS/RS Shuttle system of 72 levels has been installed, divided over 3 aisles. This system will soon automatically sort all products in a freezing environment of -18 degrees Celsius.

No hands cold store
One of the unique parts of this total new construction is the realization of a “no hands” cold store. From the moment the products are packed, no hands are involved in the process of internal transport, freezing, sorting, palletising and freezing storage until the moment the frozen products are loaded.

Everything in one location
All new facilities are realized at one location at Westfort. One of the main advantages is that the centralization improves internal logistics enormously. In addition, employees will work with the latest meat processing technologies and customers can be sure that their products are worked in the most efficient manner and according to the highest standards.

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