Box Erector

In an ideal scenario, you’d have sufficient cardboard boxes available in a wide range of sizes ready for order picking at all times. In reality, it often happens that employees are spending a lot of time preparing the shipping boxes when they could actually be spending the time picking.

By integrating an automatic box forming machine into your order picking system, an extremely efficient process is created. Your employees always have the right number of boxes with the right dimensions. The labor costs that are saved herewith ensure a quick payback time.

Volume calculation

The box forming machine takes cardboard sheets from a stack, folds them into shape and puts them together with tape or glue. Box forming machines are available in different sizes and can automatically adjust to any box size. The Inther LC software suite includes functionality for volume calculation, which ensures that the machine produces boxes with dimensions that perfectly match the customer order.

Seamless integration

To ensure that the box forming machine integrates seamlessly in the total logistical concept, Inther uses proven, highly standardized communication techniques and the Inther LC control software. Inther LC is set up modular, so that the box erector can be seamlessly integrated into any material handling system via the Inther LC control platform. With our ability to design ‘all-in-one’ systems and to think ‘out-of-the-box’, we are the ideal partner for your complete warehouse solution.

Focus on order picking
Shorter lead times
Consistently high quality
Fully integrated solution


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