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Cubiscan is a measuring and weighing system that allows you to read and register the dimensions and weight of your products quickly, easily and accurately. The Cubiscan creates reliable product master data for your organization.

Available immediately in WMS

Your data is immediately available after measurement by the Cubiscan to be forwarded to your Warehouse Management System. With the right dimensions and weight, the choice of packaging becomes a lot easier. Managing correct master data will also ensure better slotting in your warehouse.

Various versions incl. mobile

Various versions of the Cubiscan are available. Depending on the type, the Cubiscan can dimension regular and/or irregular products by using ultrasonic or infrared technology. The Cubiscan can also be equipped with a mobile cart (Cubicart) so that you can easily determine the dimensions of your products on location. You walk effortlessly with the Cubiscan through the aisles of your warehouse.

High accuracy
High operating speed
Available directly in your ERP/WMS system
Solution for every logistical issue
Possibilities for nesting, stacking and compressing
Fast ROI

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